Gnu Club

Get to g-know the g-news.

Gnu Press Club

Get to g-know the g-news

  • Do you know what a gnu is?
  • Are you an animal lover, an adventurer, a budding young scientist?
  • Are you interested in journalism? Reading the news?
  • Do you know what an anthropologist does? Have you ever dreamed of being a super hero that saves our planet?
  • Have you ever wondered what the world will look like when you are the same age as your parents?
  • Are you a keen photographer, artist, journalist, blogger? Do you love making factual YouTube videos?
  • Would you like to see into the future or change the past?

The gnu press club is the perfect place for you to voice your opinion on important subjects that affect everyone on our planet. In Pictures Of Life it refers to you as ‘tomorrows child’. So we decided to start the Gnu Press Club.
You are the people of the future! You can make a difference.

A youth blog for young people to express themselves.

  • Join the Gnu Press Club, sign up and get a badge. Take a selfie with your badge and post it on all of our social media sites. Then send in your blog.
  • In your blog/video you can ask a question to your friends and peers? Encourage them to answer it. You can answer your blog/video factually or just voice your concerns and opinions, it is up to you.
  • Make sure you write or talk about something that matters to you.
  • Each week we will also ask questions for inspiration for you to answer in a Blog, Vine, Youtube or Twitter post.