Pictures of Life is a unique choral pageant for the 21st century created, written and composed by Lionel Oscar Segal. Pictures of Life celebrates our wonderful but threatened world, and the power of the human spirit to bring about positive change. It is designed for performers of all ages, cultures and creeds.

Pictures of Life speaks for the times we live in – it has found a way of informing us about ecological issues in an amusing, entertaining and moving way which can capture the imagination of young people of all ages

Paul O'Grady

With the world facing so many challenges we need more initiatives such as PICTURES OF LIFE

Brian May & Anita Dobson

Pictures of Life Limited has been established to promote awareness for a range of environmental and educational projects by producing a series of special live events and recordings. The official London launch took place on 26th October 2015 .

Pictures of Life (Education) Limited has been established as a charitable enterprise to raise funds to promote and facilitate performances in schools throughout the United Kingdom. To see the Pictures of Life Schools project