Sing to save our planet!

Pictures of Life is a unique choral pageant for the 21st century, written and composed by Lionel Oscar Segal for young people of all cultures. It celebrates our wonderful but threatened world, and the power of the human spirit to bring about positive change.

Singing brings out the best in children

Singing together unites young people, and helps them to bond, become engaged, focused and uplifted. Pictures of Life tells a lively environmental story with witty and meaningful words and melodies that are fun to sing. Pictures of Life’s eloquent call to save our creatures and habitats will inspire children to take an active interest in related geography and science projects.

Pictures of Life in Schools

Pictures of Life (Education) Ltd has been established to raise funds for staging performances in schools throughout the UK.
We have engaged a leading theatre producer and performing arts educator to develop a programme to organise workshops for rehearsals and performances in schools. The programme is designed to engage and educate children, and to bring about positive change.
The composer Lionel Oscar Segal has gifted to Pictures of Life (Education) Ltd the right to perform Pictures of Life in schools.

Our Mission

“To use music and the creative arts to help teach respect for the shared environment and inspire children and young people to work together in unity, towards the common goal of protecting our planet and all its species.”

“Pictures of Life speaks for the times we live in – it has found a way of informing us about ecological issues in an amusing, entertaining and moving way which can capture the imagination of young people of all ages”

Paul O'Grady

“With the world facing so many challenges we need more initiatives such as PICTURES OF LIFE”

Brian May & Anita Dobson