Schools Together

Taking Pictures of Life and its message to schools

Pictures of Life (Education) Ltd is established with a uniquely significant purpose – to inspire young people of all backgrounds to enjoy singing together, and to motivate them to help protect the future of the Earth.

Pictures of Life (Education) Ltd has engaged Richard Darbourne Ltd (RDL) to manage its educational programme. RDL will organise workshops and performances in schools where the choral pageant will be taught, its message explored, and its production performed and reinvented. Every year schools will unite to put on the show in cities across the UK.

RDL have created a series of bespoke educational opportunities that build on the environment themes of Pictures of Life, with emphasis on science and geography in Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum. These projects are fun, inclusive and informative.

The outcomes for each student will be:

  • a public performance where friends and family can celebrate their work
  • informed awareness of the natural world and climate change
  • increased confidence
  • enjoyment from working as a group

If you are a school head, a teacher, student or practitioner who’d like to get involved please contact us.